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By John Nunn

ISBN-10: 0713408995

ISBN-13: 9780713408997

The Sicilian is the most well-liked commencing at membership point and the nice mass of conception is a frightening prospect for the match participant having to stand it.

In this e-book an entire repertoire opposed to each edition has been rigorously chosen, with another line for White the place the advised flow ends up in quite sharp play. it will let gamers of alternative kinds to stand the Sicilian with confidence.

By basing the fabric on 31 key chosen video games, the writer develops an knowing of the attacking plans for White and the significance of alternative stream orders.

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H6!? £h4?! ¥e2! h4! 0-0? ¤d8! ¥b5! ¤e7+! fxe6? ¦c1! ¤d8? ¦d8? ¤c5? ¦a8! ¤7b6! ¦d8?! ¦b8?! ¤c4! ¦a2? ¥b5! b5! £d4! ¦d1! h6! ¢g7! £f5! £xh7! £xh7! ¦a1! ¦a3! ¦a8? ¤e6! £d1+? ¤e3! ¦h3! ¥b5! £xb4! £d6! f5!! £xf5? ¦f3!? ¥g4! ¤f8? c4! f4!? ¥b7! £e7! d4!? f4!? ¤c3! ¤f8? £c6! £xc4! ¢f8!? ¤g5 ¥b7! £e4! £xc3!? £xb2 £d8! £h8+! ¦c6! ¦e8+! ¥e2!? ¤f6? cxd4?! ¤f6?! d5!? d6!? 0-0?! ¤g5! ¤a4!? ¥h6! ¤e6! ¤h4! ¤xg6+! ¥g7?! c5!? ¤e4! c5! £e3! £e3+! ¥b5+? ¥c4+ d5! ¤d5 ¥e6?! ¥b3! ¦e1! dxc4?! ¦d8!? ¤g5! ¤xa5 ¤xa5! ¤e4!

F7+! ¥d7+! £g4!! £h5+? ¥g5? £f3 ¥d6! £d5? ¥xe6! ¥e3? ¥xe7? ¤e2+! £h6+! £c3!? ¥h6!! ¥g5? ¢xd8? ¥c8 ¢f7! £g4+! h5!! ¥b3! ¥c8? 0-0! ¥xh8! ¥d1! ¦c4? ¦xd4?? ¥c2! ¦xb4?? 0-0! cxd4 d5! ¥g5! ¦c3!? ¦g3 (∆ e6) c5! £d6? ¤f5! £d3 d5! ¥xd5!? ¤c3! ¤d5!! ¤xg7! ¤xb6? ¦xc7! £e5!? ¤d5! £xa1 0-0? ¦c1! b6?! £xe5 ¥d7! ¦xf7! gxf6? ¥b6?! ¥e3 ¥c5! ¥b4?! ¤d5!? £c3!? ¥c4?! ¤d5!? £c5! £xd3 f6! c4! £c3 £e7! ¤d2? ¤f8! ¥xc4!? ¦a1!? £a5? ¥f5 g6! ¥e6!? ¦f5? -+ ] £c1! ¤d2? dxe5?! fxe5?! ¢b1 b4? f5?! g4! ¥b7!? exf6?! ¥b5+?! ¥d7?

F4!? ¤c3! ¤f8? £c6! £xc4! ¢f8!? ¤g5 ¥b7! £e4! £xc3!? £xb2 £d8! £h8+! ¦c6! ¦e8+! ¥e2!? ¤f6? cxd4?! ¤f6?! d5!? d6!? 0-0?! ¤g5! ¤a4!? ¥h6! ¤e6! ¤h4! ¤xg6+! ¥g7?! c5!? ¤e4! c5! £e3! £e3+! ¥b5+? ¥c4+ d5! ¤d5 ¥e6?! ¥b3! ¦e1! dxc4?! ¦d8!? ¤g5! ¤xa5 ¤xa5! ¤e4! ¥xc4? ¥h6+ ¢g8! ¥e7! £d4! ¦xh7! ¢b1 £b7? £d3! £d4! ¦ac8! ¥h6! £d3 ¤c4! ¦c7! ¤e5! ¥xf8?! hxg6! ¤g8+! ¤xf6 ¤c6! ¤g4+! axb4! h6!? ¥f4 c4! h4!? ¤d2! ¤h2? ¤a4! 0-0-0 ¤xc3! ¤xd2? b3! bxc4! ¥xe4? e4! dxe4! 0-0-0? ¤xc3! ¦xe2?? ¦h8+! ¤h6+? b4! f5! ¤a4! ¤xd2?

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