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The chaotic occasions of A.D. 395-400 marked a momentous turning element for the Roman Empire and its dating to the barbarian peoples less than and past its command. during this masterly research, Alan Cameron proposes a entire rewriting of obtained knowledge in regards to the social and political heritage of those years. Our wisdom of the interval involves us partially via Synesius of Cyrene, who recorded his view of occasions in his De regno and De providentia. by way of redating those works, Cameron bargains an essential, new interpretation of the interactions of pagans and Christians, Goths and Romans. In 394/95, over the past 4 months of his existence, the emperor Theodosius I governed as sole Augustus over a united Roman empire that have been divided among a minimum of emperors for many of the previous 100 years. now not in simple terms did the dying of Theodosius trigger a fight among Roman officeholders of the empires, however it additionally trigger renewed efforts through the barbarian Goths to sieze either territory and place of work. Theodosius had inspired high-ranking Goths to go into Roman army carrier; therefore good put, their efforts might bring about Alaric's sack of Rome in 410. although Cameron's curiosity is within the particularities of occasions, the booklet conveys an excellent feel of the final time and position. Cameron's rebuttal of contemporary scholarship, which pervades the narrative, complements the reader's engagement with the complexities of interpretation. The result's a refined recounting of a interval of the most important swap within the Roman Empire's dating to the non-Roman international.

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67 See his edition, xvii-xix. 68 REG 58 (1945): 269, a long review (268–77) of Terzaghi's first edition of the hymns (1939), apparently unknown to Bregman. Compare too Ch.  The third person of the Trinity, as Festugière notes, is always designated pnoia, never by the proper Christian term pneuma.  There is no theology either; it is free from philosophy because it is a short, simple poem, with style and diction that are as ''pagan" as ever. 72 But this revision is an unnecessary and implausible hypothesis.

71 Lacombrade 1978a, 84. 72 So already Wilamowitz 1907, 282 ("durch zahlreiche Zusätze erweitert") and 293–94. 73 Now to your august rites ( ), to your holy shrines have I come as a suppliant. Now to the summit of high mountains have I come as a suppliant, now to the great ravine of desert Libya have I come, to her southern border that no godless blast of wind sullies. : As many temples ( ) as were built for your holy rites ( ), O King, to all these I went, prostrate, a suppliant, wetting the ground with the dew of my eyes, for fear that my journey might be in vain, praying to the gods.

2.  1. This will now have to be translated as etiam rather than as et, a particularly common usage in Synesius, as illustrated by the helpful indices verborum to the editions of Terzaghi, dellEra *, and Lacombrade. Page 19 Guard my two sisters, and the whole house of the children of Hesychius. Beneath your hand protect also the partner of my marriage bed, free of illness and harm, faithful, of one mind with me. Keep my wife in ignorance of clandestine associations. May she keep my bed holy, unsullied, pious, inaccessible to unlawful desires.

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