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By Alexander Unzicker

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The lately celebrated discovery of the Higgs boson has captivated the public's mind's eye with the promise that it may well clarify the origins of every little thing within the universe. it truly is no ask yourself that the media refers to it grandly because the "God particle." but at the back of closed doorways, physicists are admitting that there's even more to this tale, or even years of gunning the big Hadron Collider and herculean quantity crunching should now not result in a deep realizing of the legislation of nature. during this attention-grabbing and eye-opening account, theoretical physicist Alexander Unzicker and technological know-how author Sheilla Jones provide a polemic. They query no matter if the large-scale, multinational agencies really lead us to the promised land of figuring out the universe. the 2 scientists take us on a travel of up to date physics and convey how a chain of hugely publicized theories met a lifeless finish. Unzicker and Jones systematically unpack the hot sizzling theories akin to "parallel universes," "string theory," and "inflationary cosmology," and supply an available clarification of every. They argue that physics has deserted its evidence-based roots and shifted to untestable mathematical theories, they usually factor a clarion demand the technological know-how to come to its experimental origin.

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Chesterton, English writer A concept called “inflation” has been tacked onto the standard model of cosmology. Inflation allegedly started when the universe was about the size of that very tiny and unmeasureable Planck length. This offers a cushy niche for theories that would not survive in the harsh climate of experimental measurements. And high-energy physicists are increasingly aware that the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva is likely to be their last big taxpayer-funded toy. They then plan to seek refuge at a less expensive accelerator: the Big Bang, a unique laboratory for phenomena that are unobservable on Earth.

Such problems sometimes incite heated discussions, maybe because general relativity, with its geometrical abstractions, touches the deep emotions of physicists. The idea that everyday objects can demonstrate space-time curvature is utterly fascinating. The Russian Nobel laureate Lev Landau, the author of a brilliant ten-volume series on theoretical physics, commented on this fact. ” At the time I was in Rio, I was blissfully unaware that general relativity would be called into question by new observations.

This favored the idea of a continuous expansion since the Big Bang, which was born with Hubble’s observation of redshifts. Later, the formation age of the cosmic microwave background radiation was determined to be 380,000 years after the Big Bang. In comparison with the next 14 billion years, that’s quite a short period of time. Science has never been that close to the eye of the storm! Thus, the Big Bang is now generally believed to be the beginning of the universe. There would be more applause to come.

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