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1 8. 19. 20. Samas-nadin-sumi the son of Atta-ilu-ma the governor of the city Isin. Bau-sum-iddina the son of Hunna the governor of Babylon. Balatsu-Gula son of Arad-Ea the prefect. Marduk-ken-abli son of Himile the satam of the treasure-house. 24. Arad-Gula the son of Kalbi governor of Usti. Tdb-asab-Marduk the son of E-saggil-zir governor of the land of Halman. Bel-nadin-sumi the son of Kirban the governor of Namar. And Nebuchadnezzar the prince of Namar are the 25. The 21. 22. 23. witnesses.

1330-568. C. 1330. Translation of his inscription. Extent of his empire. -l His immense kingdom. His hunting expeditions in Lebanon. Ri^e Of the Jewish power under David and Solomon. Assttrnasirpal kin? The bronze Assyria. Hwekiah and MerodachBaladan. Sennacherib. - Senna- c/ienb destroys Babylon. Terrible damage to buildings and libraries The boast of the Rabshakeh. Sennacherib s death. Esarhaddon, the kind and merciful king. His respect for the Babylonian Translation temples. an in of inscription Babylonian.

And landmarks. 28. of ASSUR-YUBALLIDH, the powerful King as a worshipper in Bit-Kurra I fixed. 29. whom 30. The restoration and peace of his kingdom mountain he extended 31. to distant regions like a ; 32. the sweeper away of the armies 33. of the widespread Subari, 34. the 35. At remover of boundaries and landmarks. that time the ascent to the temple of ASSUR my Lord, 36. which (was before) the gate of the men of my country. REVERSE. 1. 2. and the gate of the stars (called) Judges, which existed in former times, was decayed, and was stopped up and was ruined 3.

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