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This submission is memorialized in relief and writing on the Assyrian Black Obelisk, the only surviving visual representation of an Israelite or Judean king: I received the tribute ofJehu ... )40 This pro-Assyrian alignment would be Israel's dominant posture for nearly a century. 84 1 Be). Jehu kneels, with his representatives behind him bearing gifts, and Shalmaneser stands to the left of the kneeling king. (akg-images/Erich Lessing) 39 biblical texts picture Judah as a weaker partner that followed the northern kingdom's foreign policy.

Joash captured Jerusalem, broke down a section of the city's wall, looted the temple and treasuries, and took Amaziah prisoner to Samaria. While Joash later returned the Judean king to his throne, this conflict between the sister kingdoms foreshadowed things to come. Israel, Aram-Damascus, and Judah: the Syro-Ephraimitic War (734-73 I Be) With a resurgent Assyria after 80S, loyal Assyrian vassals like Israel experienced a time of recovery, which took place during the first half of the reign of Jeroboam II of Israel (788-748).

The next spring, the Arameans returned south but were met by an Israelite army at Aphek near the Jezreel Valley. The Israelites won a sound victory, the HB/OT says, killing 28,000 enemy soldiers and capturing Ben-Hadad. He was later released upon agreeing to relinquish captured Israelite territory. Some time later, biblical texts say that Jehoahaz led a joint Israelite and Judean force to Ramoth-gilead in order to reclaim territory that Ben-Hadad had promised to relinquish. The Israelite king was mortally wounded in the battle, and Joash succeeded him.

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