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Step again to an awesomely old time with the remarkable Egyptians. realize which king had the worst blackheads, why a few kings needed to put on fake beards and why the peasants have been revolting. heritage with the nasty bits left in! 2013 is terrible HISTORIES 20th anniversary.

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But in northern Gaul and Spain, decades of political and military uncertainty created conditions in which the Bacaudae could be active over a prolonged period of time. However, they too disappear from the record when a degree of peace returned to these regions in the second half of the fifth century. The Bacaudae and other social dissenters seem to have been a product, as well as a cause, of turbulent times. 25 If the eastern empire had faced internal distractions in the years immediately following the Gothic victory at Hadrianopolis in , similar to those that the West faced in the period following the – barbarian crossing of the Rhine, it might well have gone under.

Completely overrun. 6 In open battle, the advantage was lessened, but a Roman army could still be expected to triumph over a substantially larger Germanic force.  Standardized military equipment—decorated shields, spears, helmets, axes, cuirasses, greaves, scabbards, and swords—the product of state manufactories under the control of the ‘Magister Officiorum’. )       the emperor Julian defeated a force of Alamans who had crossed the Rhine into Roman territory near modern Strasbourg.

This, it should be noted, in comparison to most chronicles, is unusually full and detailed: Theoderic [king of the Visigoths] sends a section of his army to Baetica under his commander Sunieric; Cyrila is recalled to Gaul. Nevertheless, the Sueves under Maldras pillage parts of Lusitania; others under Rechimund, parts of Gallaecia. On their way to Baetica, the Herules attack with great cruelty several places along the coast of the district of Lucus. Maldras [the Sueve] killed his brother, and the same enemy attacks the fort of Portus Cale.

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