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By George M. Hidy

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Atmospheric Sulfur and Nitrogen Oxides presents an intensive synthesis of the study on atmospheric sulfur and nitrogen oxide chemistry on geographically huge scales, with detailed emphasis at the equipment and problems of building source-receptor relationships. The publication addresses the significance of long-range air shipping, the position of ozone and oxidant chemistry, and it examines analytical equipment and pollutant delivery versions. this article particularly covers

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Concentrations of particles smaller than 10 μτη in diameter are 15-20 /ig/m 3 or lower, with S04~ concentrations less than 5 μ-g/m3 and NO^ less than 1 /xg/m3. 3 lists major ion concentrations for five remote sites over the world. The locations outside the United States were chosen to be as free from pollution as possible. The two California sites included a remote coastal/redwood site (Gasquet) and a rural northern Sierra Nevada community (Quincy). 6 μπιοΙ/L). 7 St. 34 Annual Volume-Weighted Precipitation Chemistry Data from Remote Sites around the World Reprinted from Galloway et al.

The SURE network of 54 ground stations was established and operated between August 1977 and October 1978. The network included nine stations (Class I, or CI) distributed throughout the region, which were operated continually during this period. Their operation was extended in ERAQS through June 1979. The network also had 45 additional (Class II, CII) stations distributed over the region. The nine CI stations were operated continuously, measuring 0 3 , S0 2 , NO, N0 2 , temperature, and dew point.

With high photochemical activity one observes relatively high oxidant production in these areas, reflected in elevated 0 3 concentrations. The photochemical activity may be suppressed in cloudy areas around the Appalachian Mountains and the Great Lakes, while aqueous-phase reactions may dominate production of sulfate and nitrate in these areas. Precipitation Because it is relatively easy to measure, the removal of airborne chemicals by precipitation is widely reported. Precipitation concentrations vary spatially less than precipitation quantity within storms, and consequently chemical deposition varies widely over ENA.

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