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By Drucill Cornell

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Cornell writes a posh theoretical piece that takes time to digest for any feminist reader yet total her theories are severe for the evolution of feminism within the twenty-first century! I additionally suggest among ladies and Generations as a follow-up to totally figuring out dignity and the imaginary area.

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Freedom to live out one’s love involves all the small and big gestures, from holding hands in public to being affirmed as the beloved at a lover’s deathbed. Some of us may think we are only copying the families we grew up in, but copying involves some degree of creativity because it can never be exact. Others of us who think of ourselves as making psychic maps for outer space surprise ourselves by patterning relationships in ways we thought we had rejected. 43 CHAPTER TWO Ironically, all the hoopla about family values highlights the extent to which families can no longer be assumed to be part of what someone inherits and passes on to the next generation in the course of life.

55 A theoretical appeal to our likenesses as women denies the full significance of race and other differences in the constitution of sexual difference. In 21 CHAPTER ONE other words, the category of woman as it has been developed and used by some straight, white women is a description of an internalized habitus that mirrors the externalized limits of femininity as they are imposed on them. Yet individual women experience their sexual difference in the innumerable ways shaped by race, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, and so forth.

But that is only the first step. The effort to challenge, engage with, and imagine who we are sexually demands that we have the courage to look into the crevices in ourselves to see things frightening indeed. We need to sink ourselves into our dreams. We need to play with metaphor to undercut the rigidity of engendered meanings that embed themselves in the images and symbols by which we can represent ourselves. The question of who we are as sexed beings takes us into the deepest recesses of what lies buried under civilization.

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