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By Antonio Alfonso-Faus

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5 and when λ = 1. From Ref. 002 Mpc−1 . , 2009). In order to write down values that relate n s and r, we used Eqs. , 2004a). Figure1 suggests that the pair of indices (m = 2, n = 0), corresponding to the right panel, is preferred over the other pair of indices (m = n = 0), left panel. , ζ 0 = 0. Table 2 indicates the value of the ratio r for λ = 1 and different choices of the pair of indices m and n when the number of e-folds is 60 and when it is 75. 5. All of them can be checked with the help of Eqs.

In the same time we see that the contribution from strain implies the onset of acceleration after an initial phase of deceleration. The dependence of the expansion rate on the scale factor is shown in fig. 4 in arbitrary units. At very early times (z >> 1) the strain contributes a radiation-like term boosting the expansion: H z >> 1 ≅ cz 2 3 B κ + ρr 0 16 a0 4 6 (26) In late times (z → -1) the Hubble parameter becomes constant: the expansion assumes an exponential trend at a rate depending only on B: H z →−1 ≅ c 3 B; 16 a∞ ≈ e c 3 Bt 16 (27) We have so seen that the SSC is able to account for the accelerated expansion as being a consequence both of the presence of a cosmic defect (the Big Bang) and of the elastic properties of space-time.

This feature is a very general characteristic in multiparticle and entropy producing systems and, in the context of warm inflation, it is of special significance when the rate of particle production and/or interaction is high. In this chapter we have focused on the strong regime described by the condition that Q 1. On the other hand, we have seen that one important fact of warm inflation in presence of viscosity is its stability. 37). Upon these conditions the determinant (expressed by Eq. 35)) results positive and the trace (expressed by Eq.

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