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As many as seven distinct tribal, ideological, or warlord units made up the mujahideen that had bases and support in Pakistan. At least another four groups received support from Iran. The various groups did not have a single central leadership. S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) routed weapons and financial support to the mujahideen through Pakistan. The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the largest intelligence service in Pakistan, managed the distribution of money and weapons and trained fighters.

The Soviet government admitted that the mujahideen killed at least 14,000 Soviet soldiers and civilians. Independent estimates put the real total much higher, closer to 30,000. The long-drawn-out war in Afghanistan contributed to political crises inside the Soviet Union. indd 17 9/13/10 11:17 AM 18 AfghAnistAn WAr mujAhideen PArties during the mujahideen resistance to the soviet army and the PdPa government, at least 11 separate party organizations fought against the soviets. each had its own fighters, organized in as many as 170 small bands under a chief or warlord.

In Africa, the countries of Angola, Mozambique, and Ethiopia all had regimes friendly to the Soviets. In Latin America, both Nicaragua and El Salvador favored the Soviets. Soviet military specialists worked in Cuba, Vietnam, Angola, Congo, Egypt, and Syria. Soviet spies and Soviet-funded Communist Parties operated in Europe. indd 23 9/13/10 11:17 AM 24 AfghAnistAn WAr the soViet decision the soviet decision to send troops to afghanistan was made in secret. the political leaders of the soviet union, organized in the Politburo, made the decision.

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