Jason W. Smith's Archaeology and Primitive Communism, Karl Marx Second Magnum PDF

By Jason W. Smith

Karl Marx spent the final seven years of his lifestyles attempting to reconstruct the precapitalist phases in social and cultural evolution together with the phases of primitive communism obscured in severe antiquity. He was hoping that such perception could clarify why the German social democracy had long gone instantly off onto the inaccurate direction, That paintings is now accomplished during this publication.

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Stonehenge construction may have required three million man hours, so this architecture is clearly a major undertaking of many Tribes, Simple Chiefdoms and at least one Advanced Theocratic Chiefdom in southern England bringing the main construction elements (blue stone) from some 240 miles away. In all cases these projects serve as excellent dumps of communal surplus proto-labor-power (time regulated let us say by dawn to dusk collaboration, or some agreed upon sundial clock to divide the day).

Labor becomes more productive and more workers are sent to the street. The social crisis deepens. Lp + T  V1, V2 + SV Profit/NGM (1) (2) (3) (4) ( 1 ) Lp = Labor-power (the average production of a group of workers per unit time) ( 2 ) T = Technology (in capitalism this is always some form of machinery) ( 3 ) Value V1 (value type 1) = wages V2 (value type 2) = cost of maintaining the machinery ( 4 ) SV (surplus value) = total produced above V1 and V2 Subcolumn: NGM (Next generations of machinery) Subcolumn: Profit = appropriated by the capitalist after cost of NGM Comment on Process: The locus of primary causality in capitalism (7) lies in the cost of each succeeding next generation of equipment (NGM) and its drawdown on surplus value.

There were very few of them and as individuals they weren’t around long We are not sure how many people lived on the Earth at the end of the last ice-age; the beginning of the agricultural revolution proper, in other words. But, estimates based on various criteria put the number no higher than ten million, globally. -And, many experts think that it was only 1/10th of that - or one million on the entire planet. Africa alone could easily have handled a million to ten million hunting and gathering humans.

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