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Most of the women happily speak about ‘loving’ their animals. None of this, of course, is surprising. 26 Jan Fook What is surprising is that a large proportion of the stories speak of a quality or intensity of relationship that goes beyond that of friendship: ‘What Branka and I shared together was much more than a friendship. She was my companion in the saddest time of my life’ (Blattmann, p. 172, Dogs). The word ‘unique’ is a common descriptor of this relationship. Many women speak about a ‘unique understanding‘ that develops between them and the animal, or sometimes of a ‘unique bond’.

Newbury Park: Sage. , & Kawam, E. (2013). Factors affecting social workers’ inclusion of animals in practice. Social Work, 58(2), 153–61. Sable, P. (2013). The pet connection: An attachment perspective. Clinical Social Work Journal, 41(1), 93–9. Selbin, E. (2010). Revolution, Rebellion, Resistance: The Power of Story. London: Zed Books. , & Molidor, C. (2005). The incorporation of animal-assisted intervention in social work education. Journal of Family Social Work, 9(4), 59–77. Walsh, F. (2009).

In these types of accounts, the specific meaning of the animal in the woman’s life is spelt out directly. I have grouped the themes that arose into three main categories that I have titled: ‘animals as friends and beyond’, ‘meeting specific needs’, and ‘existential meanings’. These three groupings were reasonably self-evident: the first category includes what most of us might assume are the usual benefits of living with a companion animal, but many women have also extended their appreciation of their animals beyond what might normally be expected of a friendship.

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