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Be an eyewitness to historical Iraq. return in time to among 3500 to 500 BC, and stopover at the 'land among rivers'. realize the birthplace of writing and farming and the place the 1st nice towns, states and empires rose; domestic to the Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian civilizations. Get the image utilizing the clip-art CD with over a hundred impressive pictures to obtain. Then use the enormous pull-out wallchart to accessorize your room. nice for initiatives or simply for enjoyable, this fact-packed consultant and CD will express and inform you every little thing you must find out about this historical land and civilization. "I am a major fan of these...They are brilliantly visual". "There is not a baby that might be capable of face up to opting for that up" - "Reader Reviews".

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The Assyrians were first-rate technicians, engineers, plumbers, and road builders. They quarried and transported great blocks of stone for their ambitious building works. They were also masters of irrigation. Eighteen canals were built to carry water to the city of Nineveh, and an impressive aqueduct has been found nearby at Jerwan. pivotal technology Decorative strips of bronze, about 27 cm (10½ in) high, were discovered between 1876 and 1956 at Balawat (ancient Imgur-Enlil), near the city of Nimrud.

MOSUL METALWORK Bilal (crescent moon), symbol of Islam This marvellous jug was made in the city of Mosul in 1232. Its decorations feature scenes from court life, including a horseman, a pet cheetah, a hunting scene, a lady riding a camel, and another lady with her jewels. Some of the scenes are from the Shahnama (╆“Book of Kings”), a masterpiece written by the great Persian poet Firdawsi (c. 935–1020).

Too heavy to be carried by river, it is hauled overland using ropes, levers, and timber rollers. The pulling power is provided by teams of slaves, no doubt captured during Assyria’s many wars. Water for wetting the ropes and quenching the slaves’ thirst is raised from the river by an ancient bucket system called a shaduf. Cuneiform script Pivot allows pole to rise and fall OBSERVING THE HEAVENS THE SHADUF Still used today by Egyptian farmers along the banks of the Nile, the shaduf is a mechanism for raising water that was invented in ancient Mesopotamia.

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