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By A.S. Brown, H.W. Catling

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Revealed for the viewers and offered on the Ashmolean Museum; from the Neolithic to Medieval and later Cyprus

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Or later. Some Cypriots. at least. = ••" 0 N ~ Z N •> 0 • • b Plitt XI: .. ith animal head spur on handle and shoulder. Late Cypriot J. From Mqouooa, PaphoL. HI. 1154]. b. BlUe Ring I jug with incised relief decoration. Late C)"Priot II. HI. 851. MIDDLE CYPRIOT • 6 > z n ~ 1 ~ •z '0 -< n < ••• 8 C 7 2 Red-oo- black ware (67) 9 Black Slip ware(8-9) White POInted ware 11 - 5 ) Fig. ; % •• • 0 Z 6 N •> 0 • 7 5 ,--,14 White Slip w"re II -3) Bllse Ring ware <4 ·1) Fig. lib Mycenaean <8-13) and other imported pottery ( 14) ANCIENT CYPRUS advanced continental neighbours would have taught them the advantages of writing.

HI. 89]. wearing the characteristic Egyptian kilt and wig. But Egyptian domination was short-lived, for in 545 BC the kings of Cyprus voluntarily submitted to Cyrus of Persia on tenns that ensured their survival in semi-independence. Although the island was included within the Fifth Satrapy. the city kings were sufficiently free to issue their own coinages. This new political status stimulated contact between Cyprus and the Greek world. in panicular with East Greece. The evidence of this is to be seen, for instance.

PI. XXII) were used as tomb-gifts. Minor sculpture in terracotta had already been developed in the Geometric period but became more popular and more diverse in Archaic times. The Bichrome technique of decoration was common on the myriad figures of worshippers, horsemen (pl. XXII) and animals. There was much variety in technique. including completely hand-made figures (pI. XXlIb). figures whose bodies were wheelmade, heads and limbs hand-made. others with mould-made heads 52 THE IRON AGE (pI. XXlla) on wheel· or hand-made bodies, or figures that were completely mould-made.

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