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By Chinweizu

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Anatomy of lady Power--Powerful and needs to read!!

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If the bachelor, has no kitchen of his own, and d¢pends on eating out, she is not daunted. She will offer to cook for him at her "wn ki�chen. Should he try to resist, excuses will spring readily to her honeyed tongue. Ab, the cost of eating out! Or she will complain that there are no places to go for a decent bite after midnight, or after whatever hour the local eateries shut down. She Will persist until she has lii:m feeding off dishes she herself has prepared. That opening move accomplished, she will contrive to have them live together in his house 9r hers.

57 From such examples, the dispassionate observer cannot but be impressed by the woman's superior position in courtship, and by the cleverness with which she uses her weapons. While the fool man imagines himself the aggressive, powerful hunter tracking some weak prey, she hunts him down and carts him off. It might be wondered why men do not usually tell the truth about courtship. Why don't fathers, and perhaps grandfathers, warn young men about it? Well, male pride for one. The hunting code requires a man to crow from the rooftops about his victories, not his defeats.

Robb, a US Marine Corp Captain, who had served as a White House aide. Susan Ford, daughte of President Ford, married Charles F. Vance, a secret service agen assigned to the unit protecting the Ford family. Perhaps the mos prominent example from that era was the media heiress Patty Hearst who ditched her fiance, Steve Weed, after he had, like a weed, failed t protect her from being kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army She went on to marry Bernard Shaw, a bodyguard hired to protect he following her traumatic experiences.

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