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Re STRATEGY AND TACTICS mentioned the possibility of a King's side attack. This tends to prove that such a simple analysis can give birth to a possible plan of campaign, We shall later an see how such an idea must be elucidated, in order to dccide on how to cxecute it. For thc moment let it su&e to say that the position of the white pieceq is such that a K side attack is justified and that 2 glance at Black's position shows that the King's side is denuded of defending pieces; therefore the situation is ripe for an attack on that wing.

Zx, which is known to all chess players and particularly to those who DIAGRAM 21: apparent weakness of the white squares on Black's Queen's side, The question then arises: haw can White take advantage nF this s t ~ t eof things ? I f he does not Black will post his B at Q Kt 2 and play P-Q B 4; the secondary object uE , . P-Q Kt 3. Perhaps a concerted action by aur Q and K B may provide the solution; therefore: g Q-R 4, P-B 4; I o B-Kt 5) B-Kt 2 ; xr B-I3 6 , B x B ; 1 2 Q x B , R-B r ; 13 9-13.

Incidentally, Hack threatens to win+the Q R P by ... B x Kt; and if 9 Kt-K z, the Q R P is lost. The best course in &e circurnshnces would be 9 Kt--Q I , giving up the extra pawn but relieving the adverse pressure, g KR-Q r KR-Kt r Here Back could have won a pawn by ... B x Kt. The present threat, however, i n to win two pawns by R x K t P; R x R , B x K t ; Q - I , B x R ; Q x D , Q x R P; but h e n White could reply with $+Kt 7. threatening the backward Q B pawns. The position is shown in Diag.

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