An Introduction to The Books of Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther by Archibald Henry Sayce PDF

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The language of Babylonia was the same as that of Assyria, and was as far removed as Hebrew from the so-called Chaldee. ' Chaldee, or Aramaic, as we ought to term it, was really spoken by the Aramean tribes of Syria and Mesopotamia, some of whom extended as far south as the frontiers of Babylonia itself. After the decay of the Phrenician cities in the days of the second Assyrian Empire, Carchemish, the old Hittite capital, became the chief centre of trade in Western Asia, and commerce passed in large measure into the hands of Aramean merchants.

Even the months according to also; the first month second Iyyar. The decipherment inscriptions has names given cleared up the by the Babylonians their months, and has thus explained, at the same time, the forms taken by these names in Jewish literature. ' Considering how closely connected were the names of the months with the transactions of every-day life, the adoption of their Babylonian event, and proved how ready Jewish captives were to forget fathers. In the Jewish the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah the' Chthubim,' or Hagiographa, immediately which the Old preceding the Testament is made to end.

C. 518. c. 514). C. C. 515-14 that Darius could have ordered the search. C. S 17, when the authority of Darius was in great measure re-established throughout his empire. Without doubt, much had been done in the work of rebuilding the temple before the interference of Tatnai, and it is possible that the work was continued in spite of it. The authority of Darius and his satrap could not as yet have been very powerful in Palestine, though the period of anarchy was now over, and relations were again established between the Jews at Jerusalem and their brethren in Baby10nia.

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