Mohamed A. Khamsi's An Introduction to Metric Spaces and Fixed Point Theory PDF

By Mohamed A. Khamsi

ISBN-10: 0471418250

ISBN-13: 9780471418252

ISBN-10: 1118033078

ISBN-13: 9781118033074

Content material:
Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–11):
Chapter 2 Metric areas (pages 13–40):
Chapter three Metric Contraction rules (pages 41–69):
Chapter four Hyperconvex areas (pages 71–99):
Chapter five “Normal” buildings in Metric areas (pages 101–124):
Chapter 6 Banach areas: creation (pages 125–170):
Chapter 7 non-stop Mappings in Banach areas (pages 171–196):
Chapter eight Metric mounted element conception (pages 197–241):
Chapter nine Banach house Ultrapowers (pages 243–271):

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This is all we really need at this point. However it is possible to say more. Replacing T with T? in [Α;(Γ η )] 1/η < k(T) and taking the pth root of both sides gives \k(TPn)}l/pn < \k{Tp)]1/p , p = 1,2, · ■ · Also, a simple calculation shows that fen n—oo t f c ( r ")l 1 / n \k(Tn+1)]1^n+1 =l. 52 CHAPTER 3. METRIC CONTRACTION PRINCIPLES These two facts lead to the conclusion: *οο(Γ)= lim [fc(T n )] 1/n = inf{[fc(T")] 1 / n :n = l , 2 , · · - } . Now, by the Root Test for convergence of series, if / ^ ( T ) < 1 then Σ fc(Tl) < t=l oo.

Another approach is to consider the function / : [0,oo) —» [Ο,οο) defined by f(t) = ^ - t . Then /(0) = 0, and for t > 0, f'(t) = — l — ^ > 0 and f"(t) = j- -2 rz < 0. Thus / is increasing and concave downward. 14 (The metric transform φ) Let (M,d) be a metric space, and define the metric space (M, άφ) by taking for x,y € M άφ(χ,ν) = Φ(ά(χ,ν)), where φ : [0, oo) —» [0, oo) is increasing, concave downward, and satisfies φ(0) — 0. 15 (The Hausdorff metric) Let (M,d) be a metric space and let ΛΊ denote the family of all nonempty bounded closed subsets of M.

For each n let Dn — \%n> χη+ι, ' " · }· Then {Dn} is a descending sequence of nonempty closed subsets of M for which lim diam(Z) n ) = 0. n—»oo oo By assumption, there exists a point x € (~) Dn. n) < e. Then clearly for such n it must be the case that d(x,xn) < e. Hence lim xn — x, proving that M is comn—»oo plete. 1 Note that in the statement of the above theorem, the condition oo oo n—l n=l Pi Dn ψ 0 could have been replaced with the condition exactly one point. f] Dn consists of 28 CHAPTER 2.

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