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Aircraft: Two Westland WG13 Lynx helicopters one SQS-505; last four sensors: First six one SQS-509. — ASW — Complement: 200 Between 975 and 983 the Royal Netherlands Navy undertook a fundamental 1 reorganization 1 in which it created an integrated and balanced force consisting ASW task groups in war. Each would comprise a flagship/air defence six ASW frigates and a logistic support vessel and would be allocated to of three ship, NATO. To achieve this a new class of frigates eventually replace the Van Speijk class, which British Leander class.

0m); beam 41 1 load. 4m). Propulsion: 4 SEMT-Pielstick 16 PA6-BTC diesels, 32,500bhp; 2 shafts; 30kt. 57m (40mm) AA guns; 4 21 in (533mm) tubes for F17 torpedoes. Aircraft: One Aerospatiale Dauphin 2 helicopter. Sensors: (Hull-mounted) Thompson-CSF TSM 2630 (Diodon); (VDS) TSM Armament: ASW ASW ASW 2630 (Sorel). Complement: 179 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long been the richest of the Arab states, but the past 20 years has it sought to assert military power as well. The navy had some 10,000 officers and men in 1991, while hardware comprised only in mainly smaller warships.

Below: Two Ka-25 Hormone ASW helicopters with their rotor blades folded on the sit flight-deck of a Moskva class cruiser. The 2 25in gun abreast the funnel is a twin (57mm) dual-purpose mounting. 32 Above: An overhead view of Moskva with are restricted to Hormones, clearly visible its two narrow lifts, which on the flight-deck. Designated 'protivolodochny kreyser' (anti-submarine cruiser) by the CIS Navy, Moskva first appeared in 967 and served notice on the West that the Russians were moving into the shipborne aviation business in a big way There is no doubt that these two well-designed ships were intended primarily to hunt US Navy 1 SSBNs in the eastern Mediterranean, but they also served to train the former Soviet Navy ships' crews and aviators in operating large numbers of aircraft at sea.

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