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By Tom Lansford, Robert P. Watson, Jack Covarrubias

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By 1998, there were 69 Echeverri-Gent, J. (2001), “Pakistan and the Taliban,” Miller Center Report 17/4 (Fall), 26–30, reprinted in Logevall, F. ), Terrorism and 9/11: A Reader, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 107. 70 Rashid, A. (2001), “Afghanistan: Ending the Policy Quagmire,” Journal of International Affairs 54/2, Spring, 398. 71 Rashid, A. (1999), “The Taliban: Exporting Extremism,” Foreign Affairs 78/6, November/December, 24. 72 During the Afghan insurgency, bin Laden primarily served as a supply coordinator where he raised funds for the mujahadeen and oversaw supply efforts, tunneling and road construction operations.

28 Sovietskaya Rossiya (July 10, 1980), 1 in US, Department of State, Federal Broadcast Information Service/Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (July 15, 1980), D1–2. html. S. (1988), “So Far it Looks Like Another Win for the Islamic Fundamentalists,” The Washington Post, April 17. R. (1989/1990), “The Fragmentation of Afghanistan,” Foreign Affairs 68/5 (Winter), 153. 32 De Riencourt, A. (1982/1983), “India and Pakistan in the Shadow of Afghanistan,” Foreign Affairs 61/2 (Winter), 430. Osama bin Laden, Radical Islam and the United States 25 The Arabs and Fundamentalist Islam Internal conflicts among the mujahadeen were exacerbated by the presence of nonAfghan, Arab volunteers.

1978), “Ignoring the Dangers of the Afghan Coup,” The Washington Post, May 8. ” Carter had already faced the fall of pro-American regimes in Iran and Nicaragua and was constrained by domestic issues such as the struggling US economy. Aid for the Mujahideen The Soviet invasion united the hawks and doves within the Administration and Carter was personally angry with Moscow. The Soviet invasion marked a sea change in US policy toward the Soviet Union. At the heart of the new American attitude was the Carter Doctrine which was promulgated in the State of the Union Address on January 23, 1980.

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