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By Gary R. Weaver;Adam Mendelson

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Whatever has occurred to the basic nature of yankee culture...a midlife crisis.Recently observers have famous a seismic shift a long way past basic cyclic alterations in tradition and developments in the USA. Following September eleven, the U.S., now not convinced within the safeguard of 2 tremendous oceans, a strong army constitution and a dominant economic climate, constructed rules and practices that exclude foreigners and appear to violate uncomplicated civil rights assured lower than the structure. After a long time of the ebb and circulate of isolationism and expansionism, the U.S. took a inflexible new tack that hasn't been reversed yet.What's taking place in the United States? And extra importantly, why? America's Midlife challenge examines the heritage and tradition of the rustic at a vital element in its improvement. From immigration to to global impact, this publication captures the values, ideals and behaviors of an more and more complicated society that's suffering to carve out its position in a brand new global order.ContentsIntroduction1 American nationwide tradition: a question of tradition and History2 what's the American tradition and what's a customary American?3 Melting Pots to Mosaics: Race and Immigration4 From John Winthrop to John Wayne: Exceptionalism, Self-Reliance, and Cowboy Values5 do not simply Stand There, Do Something!6 American Civic Culture7 Prosperity at domestic, status in another country: overseas Policy8 What Holds the United States jointly additionally Tears it Apart9 a countrywide Midlife quandary? the place can we cross from Here?BibliographyIndex

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Yet the most important reason that Americans were glued to their television sets during the Simpson trial was because of the way in which it was presented by CNN. It was not information or news. ” Several of the attorneys wrote books about the trial, appeared in various televisions shows, and have become media celebrities. To make it even more melodramatic, at the end of each day of the trial, CNN featured legal “experts” from academia or celebrities from radio and television talk shows. They would engage in very spirited “debates” taking opposite viewpoints regarding the trial.

For example, consider the introduction of the automobile in the United States. It was not simply a vehicle that allowed for increased physical mobility. Certainly, people could easily travel to other parts of the country, but the car also became a status symbol, and it provided a way for teenagers to escape the watchful eyes of their parents. The size or price of the automobile was often equated with power and success, and even manhood. When a son had to ask to use the family automobile to go on a date, the father’s role as “keeper of the keys” was firmly established.

This initially required the establishment of quotas, which meant hiring a minimum number or percentage of minorities (though all applicants and employees had to have relevant and valid job or educational qualifications). Under President Nixon, the federal government established racial quotas, but by the mid-1990s a series of court cases made them illegal. ” Quotas, they said, were inherently undemocratic because everyone was not treated equally. In fact, only 1 or 2 percent of the hundreds of thousands of employment discrimination cases brought before the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) since 1965 were reverse discrimination cases.

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