American Writers, Supplement XV by Leonard Unger, Jay Parini PDF

By Leonard Unger, Jay Parini

ISBN-10: 0684313065

ISBN-13: 9780684313061

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This includes using italics, quotations marks, capitals, semicolons, dashes, and white space. Consequently, even with his first book, Golden State (1973), Bidart’s poetry had a unique shape. Instead of fairly even lines of verse organized more or less into neat stanzas, or single columns of text, Bidart’s poems stagger and bound across the page. Lines of greatly varying length and spacing may end abruptly, giving way to unlineated prose that creates a stark visual and tonal contrast to the lines of verse.

Powerfully influenced by Frost, Bidart is equally invested in this idea, although for him, this “fastening” and “entanglement” cannot be realized in regular iambic pentameter. He instills his poems with the pacing of speech but resists pervading assumptions about measure and music. In addition, unlike Frost who hoped to revivify spoken language in his poems, Bidart presents the internalized voice of the educated mind, analyzing, questioning, and deliberating. He has said that in addition to getting the materials of the world into his poems, he wants to portray the action of the mind confronting, ordering, and resisting those materials.

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American Writers, Supplement XV by Leonard Unger, Jay Parini

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