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58 Sensuous beauty is most highly developed in the songs of the southwest, and this quality is well exemplified by t h e The Style of Indian Poetry 41 Hopi "Katzina" lyrics. Barnes further believes that the Pueblo tribes, partly thanks to their established places of residence, have produced the greatest poetry. 5 9 Mary Austin also believes that there is a correlation between geography and poetic achievement and style. " 60 Alice Fletcher expresses the belief that the verse of the woods-dwelling C h i p p e w a is easier for Europeans to sing than the poems of other tribes, particularly those of prairie tribes.

The Ojibway —the Indians' correct name was corrupted by the whites into the "Chippewa" by which they are generally known today—is one of the largest nations north of Mexico. They once occupied shores of both Lake Huron and Lake Superior, and extended as far westward as North Dakota. A branch of the Algonquian family, they now reside on reservations in Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Kansas. The Chippewa originally inhabited a region of dense forests, numerous lakes and streams. They lived in rectangular, barkcovered houses in summer, and depended on dugouts or birch bark canoes for traveling the waterways to fish and to hunt caribou.

The men from the north, the The Eagle clan, the Beaver The best men, the rich men, Those with wives, those with east, the south, clan, the Wolf clan, the head men, daughters, those with dogs, They all come, they tarry at the land of the spruce pines; Those from the west come with hesitation, Esteeming highly their old home at the Turtle land. IX Summary of Style It is worth-while to quote Professor Barnes's summary of the characteristics of Native American poetry: 1. On the formal side, three factors are outstanding in Indian verse: a.

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