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By Carole A. Barrett, Harvey J. Markowitz (eds.)

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Excavated several feet into the ground, these shelters generally consisted of a wood, stone, or whalebone framework covered with insulating sod. Because of the great effort involved in building and maintaining such shelters, they tended to be used by groups with year-round or seasonally occupied villages. In North Alaska, houses were rectangu- Architecture: Arctic / 37 lar and constructed of a whalebone and driftwood frame covered by sod. A wood planked floor marked the main living area, which included a raised sleeping platform.

New York: Harper & Row, 1989. Fixico, Donald Lee. The Urban Experience in America. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2000. French, Laurence Armand. Addictions and Native Americans. : Praeger, 2000. _______. Counseling American Indians. : University Press of America, 1997. Indian Health Service, Task Force on Indian Alcoholism. Alcoholism: A High Priority Health Problem. S. Government Printing Office, 1977. , and Jerrold E. Levy. Drinking, Conduct Disorder and Social Change: Navajo Experiences.

Some houses were dome-shaped. Storage bins, benches, a central fire pit, and a draft deflector between the fire and the ventilator shaft were found in many dwellings. Roof or side entrances were retained. Within the village were many outdoor work and cooking areas. Slab-lined storage buildings and ramadas—roofed, open-walled structures shading work and living areas—were built on the surface. Some kivas were modified houses, but many were larger, some thirty-five feet across. Excavated holes called sipapu were Area of Anasazi Culture UTAH COLORADO r iivveer o RR do raad C lloor Coo San Juan Ri ve r Mesa Verde Mesa Verde Canyon Canyon de de Chelly Chelly Cha co R iv e r Chaco Canyon Chaco Canyon NEW MEXICO o Pe c Gila River NEW MEXICO ve r s Ri ARIZONA Rio Gr a nde Rive r o ra do Co l Kayenta Kayenta MEXICO 28 / Anasazi Civilization dug near the center of the floor in many homes and in most kivas.

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