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Permitting him to utilize innumerable defensive holds. Fig. 188 Jl8 SITUATIONS RELEASE ATTACK AND DEFENSE ATTACK I. Being Attacked from Rear A. Grasp testicles B. Elbows or fists in ribs C. Stamp on shin bones and instep D. Kick backwards at shins or testicles E. Bend over. pull foot through F. Tear fingers away G. Hip throw (if arms are over your shoulders) H. Pin arms with your elbows if he reaches under your arms I. Snake around behind with legs and throw him J. Double wristlock K. Raise arms with force and slide down through (if grabbed over your arms) L.

13 S and I 36) . 8. With the pistol in your possession, your opponent will expect the worst and will consequently be dangerous. Therefore, without any hesitation, slug your enemy against the side of the head with the gun (Fig. 137). Then place the gun in your shooting hand and be ready for anything (Fig. 138). Fig. 135 Fig. 137 90 rIg. 136 Fig. 138 DISARMING AN ASSAILANT WHO YOU WITH A PISTOL IS FACING To attempt to disarm your opponent of a dangerou. weapon requires courage and good judgment. hould be made only under circumstances of life and death.

If he picks you up II. Being Strangled with Hands A. For front strangle. bring hands up forcibly and out through center; hack down on neck; kick with foot or knee III. Being strangled with Forearm A. Releases I. Duck chin 2. Turn head toward elbow 3. Grab forearm and try to pull it away B. Tear fingers away; arm swing and pin arms. kick knee; apply wrist twist IV. Being Grasped by the Wrists A. Kick or use knee B. Pressure against thumbs C. Cross-over break V. Being Attacked While Lying Face Down A.

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