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Many humans will be shocked to benefit that the fight among Thomas Jefferson's Republican celebration and Alexander Hamilton's Federalist social gathering defined--and jeopardized--the political lifetime of the early American republic. America at the Brink appears at why the Federalists, who labored so not easy to consolidate the government earlier than 1800, went to nice lengths to subvert it after Jefferson's election. as well as taking the aspect of the British within the diplomatic dance sooner than the battle, the Federalists did every little thing they can to bog down the prosecution of the conflict, even threatening the Madison management with a separate peace for brand spanking new England in 1814. Readers enthusiastic about the realm of the Founding Fathers will come clear of this riveting account with a brand new appreciation for a way shut the recent country got here to falling aside nearly fifty years ahead of the Civil War.

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It proclaimed a French blockade of the entire British Isles. Since France had only a few warships at sea, this amounted to even more of a paper blockade than Britain’s claim to have closed access to roughly two hundred miles of the French and Belgian coasts. qxd 2/11/04 1:03 PM Page 32 32 America on the Brink Americans initially assumed that the Franco-American Convention of 1800, which embraced a broad definition of the commercial rights of neutrals, would exempt them from the Berlin Decree. 78 Jefferson wanted to continue negotiating with both belligerents, but the situation in Europe was not auspicious.

64 In defending Selfridge, the Federalists had demonstrated the political muscle they could exert through the courts. However, the hangings of Selfridge’s and Parsons’s effigies on Boston Common suggested their achievement was at best a qualified one. It certainly failed to address the Federalists’ larger political problem of their weakening influence over the state’s government. Instead it is tempting to see the Selfridge affair as contributing to the Republicans’ success in capturing control of all branches of the state legislature and electing a governor in the following spring.

When the Chesapeake’s captain rightly ignored the order, the Leopard fired several broadsides into the Chesapeake, killing three and wounding eighteen of the crew before the American frigate struck her colors. The British then boarded the Chesapeake and removed the alleged deserters. Three of the four sailors, all of whom claimed to be Americans, were of African descent. 81 The British government disavowed the actions of the captain and commodore responsible for the incident, but it failed to discipline them properly.

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