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By Paolo Remagnino; et al

ISBN-10: 0387229906

ISBN-13: 9780387229904

ISBN-10: 0387229914

ISBN-13: 9780387229911

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There are many ways in which physical consistency may be spoiled as a result of an inattentive action; for instance, the re-scheduling procedure may try to re-allocate some activities which have already started execution. Clearly, this represents an inconsistent situation and must always be avoided. The problem is solved by inserting a new FixTime constraint for every activity whose start time By doing so, we impose a very strict temporal constraint on the activity start time: all the solutions found by ISES which require a temporal shift of the constrained activity, will be rejected.

Oper. , 20:1–14, 1993. [15] D. Yang, H. Gonzalez-Banos, and L. Guibas. Counting people in crowds with a real-time network of image sensors. In Proc. of ICCV, 2003. dk Keywords: 1. Ambient intelligence, interaction design, robotics, active tools, configurable environments. Ambient Intelligence: the contribution of different disciplines Ambient Intelligence represents a vision of the future where people are surrounded by electronic artifacts and environments, sensitive and responsive. Ambient intelligence technologies are expected to combine concepts of ubiquitous computing and intelligent systems putting humans in the centre of technological developments.

The main feature of this conceptual model is that it allows to specify not only an e-service’s static interfaces, but also its behavior and evolution over time. For this purpose a state machine representation is used. Every change in the state machine is triggered by an incoming message and optionally generates an output. Specifically, an e-service schema consists of two parts: the first describes its interfaces, and the latter describes the conversations of the e-service, that is, possible interactions the e-service can be involved in.

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Ambient intelligence : a novel paradigm by Paolo Remagnino; et al

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