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59 60 ALEXANDER THE GREAT Alexander moved slowly toward Babylon. This was a fabled city, first the capital of the Babylonian empire, and then one of the sub-capitals of Persia. The Babylonians opened their gates to Alexander as word of the Battle of Gaugamela had spread fast. Alexander had achieved more than any Macedonian or Greek leader to this point. But he wanted more; he wanted to enter the great Persian capitals of Susa and Persepolis. Susa has been described in the Bible’s Old Testament in the Book of Esther.

From Tyre, Alexander pressed south. He did not see 51 52 ALEXANDER THE GREAT Some think that Alexander was uncharacteristically brutal towards the inhabitants of Tyre because of their long and costly defiance of his authority. Word of his conquest at Tyre spread rapidly, leading Persians in Egypt to surrender to Alexander at once without putting up a fight. Jerusalem—one of the few great cities of the ancient world that he bypassed. Jewish oral history tells that Alexander came briefly to Jerusalem, and that he bowed down before the Chief Priest of the Temple, but this seems unlikely.

The pass was the way to the Attic peninsula and Athens. If they could hold this pass, the Spartans would redeem their absence at Marathon. Xerxes and his Persians came to the mountain pass. The Spartans guarded an area so narrow that no more than three men could pass. For several days Xerxes hurled his men against the Spartans. Even the “Immortals,” Xerxes’ 10,000man elite bodyguard, could not force their way through. ] With this knowledge, the Persian surrounded and then killed the 300 Spartans.

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