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N. Filters and strainers should be cleaned or the element should be replaced according to the schedule in the PMS for the particular elevator. Filters fitted with dirty filter indicators should be cleaned or have the element replaced as soon as practicable after dirty filter indication. 1 Stanchions and platform lockbars are exposed to the weather and are subject to the seawater spray. Rigorous adherence to the maintenance schedules and procedures in the aircraft elevator PMS is essential for reliable operation.

Aircraft elevator wire rope is prestressed by the manufacturer to remove constructional stretch. Constructional stretch is the lengthening of a wire rope caused by individual wires within the rope becoming seated within the strands as a load is applied. Prestressing does not remove all the constructional stretch. Much of the benefit of prestressing is lost during shipment and installation. After reeving and prior to cutting to length for the platform end poured fitting, all slack must be taken out of the wire rope.

If pressure is lost in 588-22 S9086-T3-STM-010/CH-588R1 the accumulators or high-pressure tank, the sump pump can be used to raise the elevator platform to the flight deck. On some ships, compressed air or nitrogen is stored in tanks for emergency raising of the platform. To lower the platform, hydraulic fluid can be bled out of the hydraulic engine. Specific procedures vary from ship to ship and are addressed in the equipment-level technical manuals. 6 ELEVATOR SECURE. At the end of aircraft elevator operations, the platform should be secured at the flight deck with the platform lockbars in place.

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