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By Kroo, Ilan & Shevel, Richard

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In fact, for many years, commercial aircraft have represented one of the few areas in which the United States has achieved a favorable trade balance. Why doesn't everyone go out and start an airplane company? It seems that there are enormous amounts of money to be made. History has shown that this is not so easy. " Airplanes are very expensive, risky projects. The plot below shows the cumulative gain or loss in an airplane project during its life. This curve is sometimes called the "you bet your company" curve, for obvious reasons.

In addition, there are the requirements of the airport community itself, namely runway length, runway strength, ramp parking areas, loading docks, etc. , the wheel loading on the runway, is a vital consideration in landing gear design as is the radius of turn. Airplane design to minimize ram space per passenger is an important factor in airport compatibility. Now another very important thing is the manufacture's reputation for dependability, reliability, and service. An airplane is terribly complex.

Market timing is timing is tremendously important. Suppose we have decided to initiate a project. Our company needs a new project and we are sure that it can be profitable. But if we are right that the world needs the selected airplane but wrong about when they needed it, then we may end up in bankruptcy. Sometimes, people go into a project with the hope that it will work. In past years when aircraft were less complicated there were several examples of airplane types for which the first airplane completely saturated the market.

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