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By Lewis Richmond

ISBN-10: 1592407471

ISBN-13: 9781592407477

The bestselling writer of Work as a non secular perform presents a user’s existence advisor to getting older good and making each year pleasant and transformative.

Everything adjustments. For Zen Buddhist priest and meditation instructor Lewis Richmond, this basic Buddhist guideline is the root for a brand new internal highway map that emerges within the later years, charting an realizing that may convey new probabilities and a wealth of appreciation and gratitude for the existence trip itself.

Aging as a religious Practice is a smart, compassionate e-book that courses readers during the 4 key phases of aging—such as “Lightning moves” (the second we get up to our aging)—as good because the techniques of adapting to alter, embracing who we're, and appreciating our particular existence chapters. in contrast to many philosophical works on getting older this one contains illuminating proof from clinical researchers, medical professionals, and psychologists in addition to contemplative practices and guided meditations. Breath via breath, second via second, Richmond’s teachings motivate unlimited possibilities for a pleasure that transcends age.

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He could only show me the two photographs and wish the best for me as I set off on the journey to adulthood. ” That is what my father was trying to show me. Intellectually we know this. We know that everything ages; we see it all around us. For much of our life it is like the house we live in or the air we breathe—a familiar fact that we barely notice. But as we grow older, that fact is harder to shrug off. Aging is not just change, but irreversible change—for better or for worse. We did not get that sought-after promotion, and now it will never come.

No one ever came to visit him and he rarely went out. He must have been quite lonely, and I imagine it cheered him up to have a little boy tagging after him as he wandered around the grounds, pruning, planting, and watering—“puttering” as my mother would say. My mother had a rose garden on one part of the property, and one summer I was given the responsibility of watering the roses. There were trenches dug around each rose bush, and channels connecting the trenches, but when I turned the hose on I could never get the water to flow smoothly from one bush to another.

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