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By Lama Yeshe, Lama Zopa Rinpoche,

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In those talks, Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche clarify the nice advantages of training Dharma as an ordained individual, easy methods to continue the ordination natural, the aim of the monastic group, the best way to dwell jointly as priests and nuns, and lots more and plenty extra. the need for the lay neighborhood to help the Sangha can be made transparent, and never purely priests and nuns yet lay practitioners, too, will achieve a lot by way of studying this publication.

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Who’d want all that trouble! But think about why you became monks and nuns; it’s interesting. Then you can see how in the future many others will want to do it. Therefore, we should dedicate ourselves to creating better facilities for them. Getting back to the problem of older Western monks and nuns not taking care of the younger ones, I think this is partly a result of cultural influence. In Tibet, as I mentioned before, senior monks and nuns take great care of the young ones. When I saw that the older Western Sangha didn’t do this, I went into culture shock; I didn’t understand that.

Westerners can comprehend anything that Tibetans can. Monastic robes L et me say a few words about robes. For the past few years I’ve had the experience of travelling around the world, living with my Sangha and with students in the Dharma center communities. I feel great compassion for my monks and nuns. Why? I’ll tell you the reason. ” I’ve seen it with my own eyes; it’s incredible. I feel so sad. There’s nothing wrong with those Sangha; the people who spit, they’re the poor ones. Why should I put my students into that kind of situation, where in page 43 Lama Yeshe Wis d om Archive: Adv ice for Monks and Nuns their own society they are viewed as disasters rather than with respect, where people regard them as garbage.

We should take advantage of the good aspects of Catholic monasticism by integrating them into our Dharma communities. The Sangha community leader needs to be flexible. If some Sangha members prefer to do certain kinds of work, provided they are qualified, you should let them do it, rather than forcing them to clean or do something else. Take people’s wishes and abilities into consideration. As time passes, people’s attitudes and behavior change, so as people develop, you can change their jobs accordingly.

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