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EXISTING METHODOLOGY ANALISYS During the analysis of fuel depressurization dynamics we have to take into consideration a number of factors that give an uncertainty in reflected values. In particular: 1. Number of tested FAs is forming as a result of analysis of reference isotopes activity in the coolant circuit and the criteria “most probable year of operation” for the leaking FAs is not used. So mostly the fourth year of operation FAs1 (for WWER-1000) and discharging FAs are tested according to the existing methodology.

DIMENSIONAL MEASUREMENTS Physical parameters, such as diameter and bow or profile, of experimental fuel rods are measured in profilometry. g. pellet cladding interaction that can lead to rod degradation or failure. Some years ago results from profilometry were usually presented in two dimensional x-y graphs, showing for one given angular orientation the values for the fuel rod axial position (x-axis) versus the measured diameter/profile values (y-axis). Recently, the laboratory carried out modifications to the profilometer bench.

That activity is conditioned by soiling of fuel rod cladding by fuel composition. In that case Cesium isotopes can be used as reference one. According to the existing methodology that isotopes are recommended to obtain additional information. 43 In case of high coolant activity gaseous fission products also can be used as a reference isotopes. First of all that is concerned with noble radioactive gases (NRG) for example xenon133. Those facts are stipulated by large output of NRG from under the cladding and lighten output of them from the fuel in comparison with iodine and cesium.

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