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By Arieh Iserles

ISBN-10: 0521838118

ISBN-13: 9780521838115

Acta Numerica surveys each year an important advancements in numerical arithmetic and clinical computing. the topics and authors of the noticeable survey articles are selected by way of a amazing foreign editorial board with a view to file an important and well timed advancements in a fashion available to the broader neighborhood of pros with an curiosity in clinical computing. Acta Numerica volumes have proved to be a worthwhile software not just for researchers and execs wishing to increase their figuring out of numerical thoughts and algorithms and persist with new advancements, but in addition as a sophisticated educating reduction at faculties and universities. a number of the unique articles were used because the top source for graduate classes. this actual quantity used to be initially released in 2004.

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Acta Numerica 2004: Volume 13 (Acta Numerica) by Arieh Iserles

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