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16 iii 41–42. The verb iskunahhis is a hapax. Tr. after F. ; for bibliography see F. Pecchioli Daddi, SEL 9 (1992): 14f. with note 14; most recently tr. “désigné” by I. Klock-Fontanille, AnAn 4 (1996): 64. 7. Following T. Bryce, MHT, 106, 118; AnSt 31 (1981): 12. Differently, J. Klinger, StBoT 37, 120, who cannot understand why a crown prince should be named in what he says is a provincial city. 16 iii 41–44, is not the revolt of this supposedly banished son, but the subversion of the grandfather’s words by the nobles and the seating of Papahdilmah on the throne.

Neu and Ch. Rüster, StBoT 21. In general, S. Heinhold-Krahmer, I. Hoffmann, A. Kammenhuber, and G. Mauer, THeth 9, 50–62. 26. J. Klinger and E. ” Hethitica 10 (1990): 135–60. Middle Hittite—“Middle Kingdom” 7 which characterize the old writing (or preserve only a very few), are to be understood as copies of a later period. 27 Later documents copied—not dictated— from ancient manuscripts may preserve a fair number of forms of signs characteristic of the old writing. Late original documents do not contain early forms of signs, or do so only sporadically.

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