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By John F. Grabowski

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Most important decisions continued to rest on Abe’s shoulders. He realized adjustments were in order. “We must change our tactics or lose the war,” he decided. As the conflict dragged on, the slavery issue became even more complicated. Originally, Abe was willing to leave slavery in the 51 52 ABRAHAM LINCOLN This painting, showing Abe with a former slave, Sojourner Truth, commemorates his signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, which changed the course of the Civil War. South if this would restore the Union.

If the Confederacy did not control the harbor, it would be difficult to establish itself as a new nation. So the Southerners decided to take over Fort Sumter in order to control the harbor. The fort was running low on supplies. It 43 44 ABRAHAM LINCOLN could not hold out against N o one was killed in the attack on Fort Sumter that marked the start of the the Southerners for long. If the Union abandoned Civil War. But one person did the fort it would be seen die just after the battle. During as a sign of weakness.

The “Grand Plan” called for putting pressure on the two major Confederate armies. If necessary, the Union army would attack them throughout the entire summer. It was decided that Grant would lead his troops to Virginia. He would try to push Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia back toward the Southern capital of Richmond. Farther west, forces led by General William Tecumseh Sherman would attack General Joseph Johnston’s Army of Tennessee. Sherman’s troops would then move toward the Confederate city of Atlanta, Georgia.

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