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D. 50), and centers on a large building with a central portico. This building was excavated by an Italian team from the Soprintendenza during the 1990s (Faustoferri and Lloyd 1998). It has been interpreted, at least in its first phase of use, as a public building, perhaps at the center of a small early imperial settlement. This designation is based first upon its overall size (45 m N-S), as well as on the presence of a few fragments of statuary (a hand in luna marble, and the left shoulder of a life-sized marble cuirassed statue, as well as a red sandstone herm).

Map of central Italy showing sites, cities, regions, and rivers mentioned in the text. The pine (Pinus nigra ssp. nigra var. italicd) is endemic to this area (all vegetation information about groundcover and trees taken from tourist information provided at Civitella Aufidena). Between the alternation of heavy forest, steep relief, and grassland on generally poor soil, arable land is at a minimum (Lloyd, Christie, and Lock 1997 2-3). One of the objectives of survey in the upper valley was to better understand settlement associated with a large Iron-Age (6th-5th century) necropolis located at Val Fondillo, just southeast of Opi (FIG.

Eluding dolia fragments, and other domestic debris, including faunal and paleoethnobotanical remains. A second major feature was a terrace wall running across slope immediately south of the rubble fill initially called the circular feature (now called "working surface west") in a roughly NE-sw direction across all of trench 8000 (FIG. 11). The terrace-wall fill, like the fill of the terrace itself, was rich in domestic debris (especially pottery and bone, but also containing a good number of paleoethnobotanical remains).

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