Masao Abe's A study of Dōgen: his philosophy and religion PDF

By Masao Abe

ISBN-10: 0791408388

ISBN-13: 9780791408384

"This ebook is set the crucial rules of crucial Buddhist spokesman in eastern heritage and is written through some of the most revered and authoritative of his interpreters. It displays a life of an expert and concerted considering Dogen." -- Francis H. cook dinner, college of California, Riverside

"It is a really awesome contribution to Dogen scholarship in addition to East-West comparative philosophy through the most special sleek eastern thinkers of our time. This makes for a robust and really illuminating volume." -- Steve Odin, college of Hawaii

This whole translation of Masao Abe's essays on Dogen probes the center of the Zen master's philosophy and faith. This paintings analyzes Dogen's formative doubt in regards to the thought of unique awakening because the foundation for his special approach to nonduality within the doctrines of the oneness of perform and attainment, the solidarity of beings and Buddha-nature, the simultaneity of time and eternity, and the identification of lifestyles and dying. Abe additionally bargains insightful, severe comparisons of Dogen and diverse Buddhist and Western thinkers, in particular Shinran and Heidegger.

"This is a crystal-clear dealing with of super tricky material. The analyses are sophisticated and while lucid. the writer has a profound and significant knowing of Dogen and Shinran and can be well-grounded in Western philosophy and religion." -- Joan Stambaugh, Hunter university

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Spinoza's idea of God as Substance is of course not something. Since in Spinoza God is the Substance of so-called substances, He is really infinite and the one necessary being. 14 In other words, for Spinoza, God may be said to be "what" when it is viewed from the outside, from the side of relative substances and finite beings, but it is n o t t h a t "what" is God. This is precisely because in Spinoza, God is Substance, which is conceived through itself. The difference between Dogen's idea of the Buddha-nature and Spinoza's idea of God as Substance may be clearer if we take into account their relations to things in the universe.

The way of continuous practice is ever circulating. 13 These statements all show that awakening is not a subordinate to practice, attainment to discipline, Buddha-nature to becoming a buddha, or vice versa. Both sides of such contraries are indispensable and dynamically related to each other. Such expressions of Dogen's as "the oneness of practice and attainment," "the simultaneous realization" of Buddha-nature and the attainment of Buddhahood, and "the unceasing circulation of continuous practice" clearly indicate this dynamic and indispensable relation.

This means that attainment, as the ground, supports and embraces the whole process of practice, and that any point of practice points directly to original attainment. 2 In order to properly grasp this matter, however, it may be necessary to clarify the issue by dividing it into two aspects as follows: 1. Both attainment (awakening, or the Buddha-nature) and practice (discipline, or becoming a buddha) are indispensable; but the former is indispensable as the ground, or basis, whereas the latter is indispensable as the condition, or occasion.

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