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By William J (William Joseph) 1867- Long

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Mooweesuk the Coon is termed the bear's little brother by way of either Indians and naturalists, due to the some ways during which he resembles the "big prowler within the black coat." An soaking up bankruptcy at the coon's mystery conduct starts this quantity, via tales concerning the woodcock, the wildcat, the toad, and plenty of different animals. chapters extraordinary for his or her willing perception into the hidden lifetime of animals shut this volume,─one on Animal surgical procedure, describing a few of the ways that wild animals deal with their wounds; the opposite on searching with no Gun, displaying the enjoyment of following even the big and unsafe animals with the need in basic terms to be close to and comprehend them.

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No wonder, under such circumstances, that Whitooweek passes all his summers and raises brood upon brood of downy invisible chicks in a farmer's wood lot without ever being found out or recognized. My own acquaintance with Whitooweek began when I was a child, when I had no name to give the strange bird that I watched day after day, and when those whom I asked for information laughed at my description and said no such bird existed. It was just beyond the upland pasture where the famous Old Beech Partridge lived.

A faint scratching made me turn round, and there he was, his paws up on the other edge of the bridge, looking back at the queer man-thing that he had never seen before. He had passed under the bridge to look at me from the other side, as a fox invariably does if you keep still enough. The game that he was washing was a big frog, and after a few moments he circled the bridge, grabbed his catch, and disappeared into the woods. Near towns where he is much hunted Mooweesuk has grown wilder, like the fox, and learned a hundred tricks that formerly he knew nothing about.

After her first warning she seemed to understand the situation perfectly, and had no concern for the wondering child that watched her and that had no intention whatever of harming her on her nest. Others had laughed at my description of a brown bird with a long bill and eyes at the back of her head that let you touch her on her nest, so I said no more to them; but at the first opportunity I hunted up Natty Dingle and told him all about it. Natty was a gentle, harmless, improvident little man, who would never do any hard word for pay,—it gave him cricks in his back, he said,—but would cheerfully half kill himself to go fishing through the ice, or to oblige a neighbor.

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