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By D. G. Northcott

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In response to a chain of lectures given at Sheffield in the course of 1971-72, this article is designed to introduce the scholar to homological algebra keeping off the flowery equipment often linked to the topic. This publication offers a couple of very important subject matters and develops the required instruments to deal with them on an advert hoc foundation. the ultimate bankruptcy comprises a few formerly unpublished fabric and should offer extra curiosity either for the prepared pupil and his teach. a few simply confirmed effects and demonstrations are left as routines for the reader and extra routines are integrated to extend the most subject matters. ideas are supplied to all of those. a brief bibliography presents references to different guides during which the reader may perhaps stick with up the themes taken care of within the publication. Graduate scholars will locate this a useful path textual content as will these undergraduates who come to this topic of their ultimate yr.

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Thus we can form the semidirect product g = a E91 b, where t is inclusion. Here are two special cases: (a) V = lRn with Cas the usual dot product. In the standard basis of lRn, a gets identified with the Lie algebra of real skew-symmetric n-by-n matrices. The Lie algebra b is just lRn, and we can form the semidirect product g =a Ee1 b. In this example, a is the Lie algebra of the rotation group (about the origin) in lRn, b is the Lie algebra of the translation group in lRn, and g is the Lie algebra of the proper Euclidean motion group in lRn (the group containing all rotations and translations).

To see irreducibility, let U be a nonzero invariant subspace. Since U is invariant under n(h), U is spanned by a subset of the basis vectors v;. Taking one such v; that is in U and applying rr(e) several times, we see that v0 is in U. Repeated application of rr(f) then shows that U = V. Hence n is irreducible. 64. Let fP be a complex-linear representation of s£(2, C) on a finite-dimensional complex vector space V. Then V is completely reducible in the sense that there exist invariant subspaces U1, ••• , Ur of V such that V = U1 e · · · e Ur and such that the restriction of the representation to each U; is irreducible.

Now a is nonabelian; we show it is simple. L] = 0 and so b is an ideal of g. By minimality of a, either b = 0 or b =a. Thus a is simple. L = 0. 42. L and proceed by induction to complete the proof. 52. If g is semisimple, then [g, g] =g. L. 51. We say that the Lie algebra g is reductive if to each ideal a in g corresponds an ideal b in g with g = a E9 b. 51 shows that the Lie algebra direct sum of a semisimple Lie algebra and an abelian Lie algebra is reductive. The next corollary shows that there are no other reductive Lie algebras.

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