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By Alan G. Hamilton

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It is a brief, readable creation to easy linear algebra, as frequently encountered in a primary path. the improvement of the topic is built-in with loads of labored examples that illustrate the guidelines and techniques. The structure of the ebook, with textual content and suitable examples on dealing with pages signifies that the reader can persist with the textual content uninterrupted. the scholar could be capable of paintings during the publication and examine from it sequentially. pressure is put on purposes of the equipment instead of on constructing a logical approach of theorems. a number of workouts are supplied.

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17) is a solution of the 2 × 2 0  whereas it is not always a solution of the 2 × 2 interval-valued matrix game A  interval-valued matrix game A. , the optimal strategies for the players I and II are the pure strategies d2 and b1 ,  2 is và ¼ ½3; 6Š. respectively. 3 is not identical. 1 is inapplicable. , ½a0Lij ; a0Rij Š ¼ ½ aLij aRij ; Š; lij lij ð1:18Þ where aRij ¼ aLij þ lij and lij [ 0 (i; j ¼ 1; 2), then the interval-valued payoff  2 is converted into: matrix A 0  ¼ ð½a0 ; a0 ŠÞ A 2 Lij Rij 2Â2 ¼ d1 d2 b2   b1 ½2; 3Š ½0:6; 1:6Š : ½1; 2Š ½0:4; 1:4Š 0  has a saddle point (1, 2) It is easily seen that the interval-valued matrix game A 2 or ðd1 ; b2 Þ due to _w f ^w f½a0Lij ; a0Rij Šgg ¼ ^w f _w f½a0Lij ; a0Rij Šgg ¼ ½a0L12 ; a0R12 Š ¼ ½0:6; 1:6Š: 1 i 2 1 j 2 1 j 2 1 i 2 Namely, the optimal strategies for the players I and II are the pure strategies d1 and b2 , respectively, which are remarkably different from those for the players I and II 22 1 Interval-Valued Matrix Games  2 .

3 Let a ¼ ½aL ; aR Š and b ¼ ½bL ; bR Š be arbitrary intervals. The premise “ a I b” is regarded as a fuzzy set, whose membership function is defined as follows: (a) bL aR aL bR a b (b) b a L L aR bR a b (c) bL aR bR aL a b (d) aL bL aR bR a b Fig. 1 Inclusion and/or overlap relations between two intervals 24 1 uð a  ¼ I bÞ 8 1 > > > < 1À bR À aR >  > > : 2ðwðbÞ À wðaÞÞ 0:5 if aR \bL if aL \bL if bL aL Interval-Valued Matrix Games aR \bR aR bR and wðbÞ [ wðaÞ if wðaÞ ¼ wðbÞ and aL ¼ bL ; where “1−” is a fuzzy number being less than 1, which indicates the fact that the interval  a is weakly not greater than the interval  b.

Other intervals in the interval-valued payoff matrix A explained similarly. According to Eq. 23), the linear programming model is obtained as follows: 3tL þ tR g maxf 4 8 175y1 þ 80y2 ! tL > > > > > 120y1 þ 180y2 ! tL > > > > > ð1 À eÞð190y1 þ 100y2 Þ þ eð175y1 þ 80y2 Þ ! ð1 À eÞtR þ etL > > > < ð1 À eÞð158y1 þ 190y2 Þ þ eð120y1 þ 180y2 Þ ! ð1 À eÞtR þ etL s:t: > tL tR > > > > > y1 þ y 2 ¼ 1 > > > > > > > y1 ! 0; y2 ! 0 : tL and tR unrestricted in sign; ð1:26Þ where yi (i ¼ 1; 2), tL , and tR are variables.

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