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By Robert S. Borden

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A good undergraduate textual content examines units and constructions, restrict and continuity in En, degree and integration, differentiable mappings, sequences and sequence, purposes of mistaken integrals, extra. difficulties. suggestions and ideas for chosen difficulties.

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1andB { Y, wo saythat P is a directed is defined set directed downward A set. precisely, an upward directed the convefse but (both directions), set is a directed Alattice unutogourly. may not bi true. Directed setsappear extensivelyas index sets. rUs"i S C P, inf S exists and is contained in S. We say that P vs if a Evidently, the setV+. Theclassicmodel is not true; converse the but chain, a is already it well ordered, set is considerthe chain R, the subset(0,1), the open unit interval, has no least sup{x"}: elementin it.

Nr ** il t*ti t) z r _ _ l :_,0! r"l' l (k-r)/2 s t:l _. (n+i)zl 2 | I n*2i' and for sufficiently large k this sum is greater than e. Hence /(x) is not absolutelycontinuous. 6. If f: E" - R ls continuousand B C En is a boundedset, thenf is unifurmly continuouson B. 9). En-valuedmapping/ A sequence{x,}PrCE'is whose domain is the set Z+ cEt. This is to say, for each ieL+, f(i): x,e. E". Recatl that Z+ is a well-orderedset; this ordering induces an ordering on f(Z* ) in the obvious way: t

39. c. on a closed and bounded set D C En, then / attains a minimum value on D. 4t. Exhibit a discontinuousfunction g(x) which is upper semicontinuouson [0,1], and don't be satisfied with a trivial one. 42. , .. tlx ): for x € [0, "]. if x is rational, I e" * I - t if x is irrational, t "or'* where is / semicontinuous,and where is / continuous? 43. If o'= find lim{c,} aod lim{a,}. I g++yn1', n odd, l Q - 3 / n ) 2," ,11 even, PROBLEMS +,fffT, Supposean= -,/FT n=1,2,3,.... For what valuesof n is a, rational?

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