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In the following, I will summarize the content of the similes and try to point out what each of them emphasizes. 40 As suggested above, the first simile was probably not part of the earliest set of eight. However, with the decision to adapt the introductory lotus scenery to durch die breitere Ausgestaltung und eine gewisse Selbstiindigkeit des Bildbereichs unterschieden, wird des iifteren auch gleichbedeutend mit Parabel verwendet; vielfach werden jedoch beide Begriffe in dem Sinne unterschieden, daB bei der Parabel die Sachseite nicht ausdriickl.

The above analysis leads to the following results: In sections OM to 1 C two lotus similes have been combined. One is found in IA (and possibly also the first sentence of IB) and the verses of IC; the other one comprises chapters OM (without the last sentence containing the term tathiigatagarbha, which is probably a later insertion) and lB (without the first sentence). The term tathiigatagarbha is thus only found in simile IA. Simile OM draws upon the introductory setting described from OG to OK.

I have argued above, the inclusion of the first image, though exceptionally fantastic in nature, was due to the fact that the compilers wanted to combine the eight similes with the introductory element centering on the lotuses, and therefore felt compelled to expand upon the setting of the introduction in the form of a simile. v. Gleichnis: "Sprachliches Gestaltungsmittel, bei dem eine Vorstellung, ein Vorgaog oder Zustand (Sachsphilre) zur Veraoschaulichung und Intensivierung mit einem entsprechenden Sachverhalt aus einem aoderen, meist sinnlich-konkreten Bereich (Bildsphilre) verglichen wird.

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