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I was on first board and my job was to hold, not necessarily to win. My opponents tried to beat me and I got chances. Here it seems that many want to draw me; they play very solid with both colors. It's normal, but frustrating. In only nine rounds it's hard to recover from a bad start. Blogger: IM Eugene Perelshteyn Page 32 / 104 2005 US Chess Championship Hi Everyone! I'd like to say thanks to the organizers for organizing a great tournament. San Diego is a great city! Hello to all my family and friends.

04 – Blogger: IM Cyrus Lakdawala NooooOOOOOOoooOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That didn't go to well today. Gulko's opening prep killed me. I think he only played 5 or 6 moves. Everything else was worked out before the game. Blogger: 2003 Women's Champion Anna Hahn Page 56 / 104 2005 US Chess Championship Today I had a nice attack for a pawn and managed to win. In my previous games I was making too many mistakes in the openings, thus I'm having a slow start. It's nice to be in San Diego.. ) with an ocean in the background.

Zilberstein claimed a repetition draw, which was at first upheld and then quickly refused when it was discovered it wasn't a three-fold! So the clock was started again and Akobian checked with his rook again and Zilberstein claimed the repetition again, this time correctly! GM Varuzhan Akobian had no other plans for the night! Josh Friedel (right) moved up with a win over Fabio La Rota. Bf4 e6 Introducing a dynamic pawn sacrifice that gives Black the initiative. Nf3 Qb6! f6 soon. Qf4! Diagram A good move that forces Black to simplify.

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