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Bg5?! Qh4! However, Leko is in no hurry to advance this pawn. Bg2 Leko takes his time again. d4 0-1 Leko - Topalov [B51] Commented by M. Notkin. Re1 Nf6 The opponents have repeated yesterday’s encounter Anand - Topalov so far. It looks like Leko took a fancy to the position that Vishy obtained in the opening, whereas Veselin enjoyed the outcome of that game. Na3 This is a novelty, which does not look like a good one. d4. Nc2 Ne5! A well-known idea. The knight transfer to c2 no longer makes sense.

However Peter has reached a draw with accurate defense. The opponents made just a few original moves. Both tried to play with a big safety margin. This was a rather dull draw. Nbd2 Nc3! Qc2 Nb5, as was played in the game Leko - Kasparov (Frankfurt 2000). f5 has been tested as well. However, the move in the text is solider. h3 Nd8! A key maneuver in Black’s setup. The knight is transferred to e6, where he is placed no worse than on c6, whereas Black’s rooks will operate on the c-file. Rxc1 a5 Only this move opened a new page in chess history.

Leko does not lose such positions. Let’s try to figure out what will happen at the finish of the tournament. Only Kramnik and Topalov have chances for the first prize. I just don’t believe in Leko’s triumph. Kramnik is playing with Adams and Anand on the white side and taking on Morozevich in the last round with Black. Most likely the champion will win one of these games, although he always looks somewhat weary at the end of tournaments. Topalov is playing twice on the black side vs. Anand and Leko, and one game vs.

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