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Nc3 d5 Of course, the Grunfeld! Be2 A harmless variation. Here White does not claim to gain a large advantage. At best he can force a slightly better ending for himself. Qd2 Nc6. Qa4 Qa5 And still Black strives to trade off the queens. , followed by a peace deal in the Volkov-Leko game, New Delhi, 2000. Be4N A novelty. As a matter of fact, everything is logical: Black occupies the d5-square. Black’s main problem is that the g7bishop is not employed: this bishop is restricted by the d4-pawn. Rab1 Ba2 - Bareev,EKasparov,G/Sarajevo 1999.

Rxa7 g6 1/2-1/2 Shirov,A - Sadvakasov,D (2585) [C02] This was a dramatic duel. The hardened grandmaster’s technique played the decisive role. Rc1N This is an introduction to an enchanting spectacle. 0-0, with White having an advantage, Vysochin,S-Smikovski,I/St Petersburg 1996/1-0 (43). Rxc4!? A creative move. Nc3 White has positional compensation. But it is unlikely to suffice even for a equality. However, this can be hardly proved in the game against Shirov. Bg2 a5! b5! With the exchange lost, there is no point in crying for the pawns!

White’s only hope in this case is to launch an attack on the black king without numerous forces. c3! f4 and snatching the opponent’s pawns looks too dangerous for Black. Rf8 and White wins. Re5! The white rook’s answering intrusion proves stronger. It heads for f5. Rxf2? The decisive slip. Kg7! and it is difficult for White to win. Nf5+?! Nxd2 Kc3 Black has serious counterplay. Nxf7 Rxc2! Rf5! Re7 and no clearly-defined win can be seen anywhere. The black rook takes almost all of the white pawns.

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